The Who Behind How

How Important is Who?

A key message of How is ‘it’s not about who, it’s about how’. 

Too often voters support personalities rather than courses of action.  Ideas about suitability for the role of a States Member differ. Relying on who you know may not be as important as what they actually can and will do.

How is not a political party but a process that has created a proposed work programme for the next States Assembly. Rather than having members who seek to influence its agenda, it has voluntary contributors of content to different parts of the Proposition List who have been invited to offer such content.

While How strongly advocates transparency, the identity of contributors of content to the Proposition List (other than the How Facilitator) is being kept confidential to:

  • protect these sources
  • encourage their openness
  • encourage those who read the Proposition List to judge it on its content alone

Initial Contributors

Initial contributors are people whom the How Facilitator has identified from publicly available material as having:

  • a role in delivering important services to Jersey’s community that involves working with Jersey’s government, or
  • served in an independent and honorary role as part of a government structure or process.

Initial contributors work in many different areas of the community and have first-hand experience of the ways in which government itself is getting in the way of good government in those areas. They have provided content to different parts of the draft Proposition List. 

Further Contributors

The Proposition List first is being published on this website as a discussion draft to invite further contribution of content. If you are someone with practical and technical knowledge about an area of government in which structure or process is obstructing delivery of good government, you are welcome to offer additional  content. The identity of Further Contributors will not be disclosed by the How Facilitator for the reasons given above.   

The How Facilitator

The How Facilitator is former Jersey lawyer and former Senatorial candidate, Moz Scott.

Having worked as a volunteer for the States Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee and government’s Statistics Users Group, the How Facilitator has conducted interviews, researched and collected content for the How Proposition List on a voluntary basis using the How Process. She has funded this website as part of its publicity campaign.

The How Facilitator intends to stand for election to seek to advance the How Proposition List as part of her own electoral campaign, once the How Proposition List is finalised before the June 22 election.