Update Notices

Amendments to the published discussion draft and date of amendment are listed here


A rapidly modernised civil service… page 10 (constitution of selection panel)

Improved delivery of education services, page 15-16 (appointment of multi-academy trust and strategic delivery panel constitutions and tasks)


Mechanism for direct election by Islanders of Chief Minister to avoid political horse trading


More detail on electoral deposit option, increase in number of nomination signatories in connection with reinstatement of Senators

More information on strategic delivery panels and SEB advisor requirements and measures to encourage senior public sector post recruitment of local candidates

Improved wording re education strategic delivery panel and establishment of multi academy trust and government watchdog role

Mention of government health watchdog role

Create of independent Planning Commission to oversee Planning Department

Clarification regarding hemp farming

Stamp duty reduction for downsizers

Tax review to extend to avoidance of tax by locals using investment companies

New Section on Law Enforcement/Drug Control/Criminal Damage and extension of hate offences in draft Crime and Public Disorder Law.


Improved wording re proposed role of private sector engagement in reforming certain government functions

Proposed reintroduction of independent audit committees

Improved articulation of role of modernised Economic Development Department (Future Economic Planning and Modernisation)

Inclusion of proposed reform of Jersey Appointments Commission

Improved wording of proposed new education model


Further refinement of wording regarding reform of education through establishment of independent trust

New requirement of DBS checks for election candidates

New content regarding tax deduction for landlords to insulate rental properties and replace gas boilers

New Red tape cutting section in Economic section


Extend ‘None of the Above’ option to all public elections.

Simple cost/benefit analysis for States Propositions and Ministerial decisions

Balance between consistency in education and fostering cultures in education establishments to address individual needs

Proposal to address cross-sector staffing problems and encourage more use of part-time locals above median Island age.

Proposal to increase tax threshold for low income earners

Propose government subsidise key worker accommodation in conjunction with addressing funding issues

GST removal on food to be confined to healthy staple items

Proposed revision of rule that confiscated property revert to Crown rather than States of Jersey

Amendment of tasking of government HR to finding and selecting and providing training local applicants for top public service and key worker jobs to encourage locals to enter public service and ensuring job descriptions are not overly-weighted towards public sector backgrounds